Here we go – my work for the past 5/6 months, a bit at a time, while doing other stuff!  The problem occurs in that it is ‘shave a bit off, add a bit here, wait for it to dry, get on with life, next day….’ etc.  I guess if I were to do one in one go it would be 4 weeks or so, Monday to Friday, 8 hours a day.  Perhaps net time I’ll put a timer on each time I do a bit!  Anyway, here she is, Cleopatra, based upon a painting by Sam Weber, done for National Geographic.  Please take a look at the original, which is beautiful.

She was a little hard to do, seeing as I only had a side-on reference, but I hope I did his painting justice.


She is made of air-dry clay and is full (head) size.  Better photos will be posted when the weather (ie amount of daylight) improves!