My lastest piece…

She’s a bas relief and about 6mm thick.


Clear out sale!

I’m having a clearout!  Several of my sculptures, which have been hanging around my house for some time are going cheap.  Here are the sculptures which i’m getting rid of..

Each is linked to it’s original page.  Contact me if you are interested in anything, I’m willing to haggle!  I don’t want to throw them away, neither do I want to give them away!

Early riser. (Name to change I expect)

My latest piece.  She took far too long to finish for my liking,  but I am having trouble with motivation at the moment so I do just a few minutes each night, rather than getting really stuck in. There are artists (and others) who inspire me, and I wish I had their passion (and their skill) to keep going, hour after hour, day after day.  Perhaps I should dedicate my sculpture to ‘those with the passion and purpose to keep going’. Perhaps I will publish a list of those people? Perhaps I should just go back to bed!