Early riser. (Name to change I expect)

My latest piece.  She took far too long to finish for my liking,  but I am having trouble with motivation at the moment so I do just a few minutes each night, rather than getting really stuck in. There are artists (and others) who inspire me, and I wish I had their passion (and their skill) to keep going, hour after hour, day after day.  Perhaps I should dedicate my sculpture to ‘those with the passion and purpose to keep going’. Perhaps I will publish a list of those people? Perhaps I should just go back to bed!


Getting there slowly..

I really hope that everyone likes my latest sculpture…it’s taken me a lot longer than expected, having cut pieces off and re-sculpted them several times.  Have I mentioned how I have difficulty with hands and feet?! Still, I can see an end, so hopefully within a few days, you’ll see it here.  Please feel free to comment, so I feel the extra work was worth it.

Seeing as I had not realised this post was stuck on my phone from several days ago, I may as well continue the post…

I am so pleased with the way my latest piece came out… She is great (I think anyway).  Photos to come tomorrow I suspect… Please comment.

Lapith fighting a centaur


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My latest sculpture:

This is my version of one of the metopes from the Parthenon – perhaps I’ll do a series of them!?

Lapith fighting centaur 1

Lapith fighting a centaur. South Metope 31, Parthenon, ca. 447–433 BC.

Here is some more information on Wikipedia: Click Here

Here is a link to Online Petition for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens.  Please sign the petition.