Early riser. (Name to change I expect)

My latest piece.  She took far too long to finish for my liking,  but I am having trouble with motivation at the moment so I do just a few minutes each night, rather than getting really stuck in. There are artists (and others) who inspire me, and I wish I had their passion (and their skill) to keep going, hour after hour, day after day.  Perhaps I should dedicate my sculpture to ‘those with the passion and purpose to keep going’. Perhaps I will publish a list of those people? Perhaps I should just go back to bed!



Getting there slowly..

I really hope that everyone likes my latest sculpture…it’s taken me a lot longer than expected, having cut pieces off and re-sculpted them several times.  Have I mentioned how I have difficulty with hands and feet?! Still, I can see an end, so hopefully within a few days, you’ll see it here.  Please feel free to comment, so I feel the extra work was worth it.

Seeing as I had not realised this post was stuck on my phone from several days ago, I may as well continue the post…

I am so pleased with the way my latest piece came out… She is great (I think anyway).  Photos to come tomorrow I suspect… Please comment.

Lapith fighting a centaur


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My latest sculpture:

This is my version of one of the metopes from the Parthenon – perhaps I’ll do a series of them!?

Lapith fighting centaur 1

Lapith fighting a centaur. South Metope 31, Parthenon, ca. 447–433 BC.

Here is some more information on Wikipedia: Click Here

Here is a link to Online Petition for the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Athens.  Please sign the petition.

This Night

I am so pleased with this piece… The perspective worked as I wanted it to.  The skin was smooth… She flowed!  I just can’t think of a name for the piece.  I’m thinking of something like, “preparing for the night”,  but i’m not sure… Ha,  just while writing this it came to me, i’m calling it just, ‘this night’, after a track by Black Lab.  The track goes, “Take this night, and wrap it around me like a sheet”.


The bear is done!


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All done, after around 30 hours of chiselling and filing on my first ever stone piece. I reduced the weight of my lump of stone by around half and probably removed a kilo of stone dust from my hair and clothes.  So, from start…


to finish..


I’ll post better pictures when I get him home, as this weekend he will be on display in Winterthur town centre as part of the KunstSchule Winterthur exhibition.

I loved every minute of the process and can’t wait to start another piece, which I have already decided what I’d like to do (in marble).